Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Family

My name is Jenny.
My wonderful boyfriend and I live together and have a huge family.
I am a loan officer for Heights Finance Corp and have been for the last 5 years.
Doug works for Coca~Cola Enterprises as an account liaison.

Together we have 5 children. Yes 5 !
We call ourselves the Brady's !
Our oldest is Megan - 14
Then Alec - 12
Berkeley - 10
Abby -10
Elle - 6

Alec is our only boy - surrounded by a houseful of estrogen.
Megan attends high school at the University of Illinois in Campaign.
Alec is in Jr high and plays most all sports.
Basketball, baseball, football. He is really good at all of them.
That goes with out saying Alec is a really good kid !

Berkeley & Abby are both in 4Th grade.
They both enjoy singing, dancing, make-up, cell phones, making plays & skits.
Elle - she is a true girlie-girl, always changing her clothes, putting her make-up on all the time!

Everyone always asks me that same question.
How are you not going crazy with 5 kids ?
The answer - They all play with each other!

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  1. Yeah! Welcome to the blog world! I have like three of them or something crazy like that. Post pics...people love to look at pics. Welcome aboard! :)