Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A great weekend !

Last weekend was a grear and much needed relaxing weekend.
On Friday night Doug and I had a few of our friends over.
We made food, drinks, and played some fun games.
I new game we played is claled "Things" it was hilarious!
We had a really good time with Phil, Laura Mel,Asa, and Christa.

On Saturday Doug and I took Berkeley & Elle out on a family date : )
We went up to Tuscola and Champaign for some shopping.
Then went out for dinner at Berk & Elle's favorite place - Red Lobster.
Afterwards, we just headed home and went to bed.

On Sunday both Berkeley & Elle had friends over.
Berk had one of her oldest friends over LOL Jazlynn, they have been friends since they were babies. Jazlyn's mom Tammy was Berk & Elle's daycare provider from the time they were born until they went to school.
Elley had best friend Katherine over.

**We invited Alec & Abby, but they were with their mother this weekend.

We took all four girls, and went & met Melissa, Asa, Kambell, Shayanna, Phil, Laura and Ethan.
We took them bowling at the EIU union. It is so much better than Charleston Lanes. So much cleaner and less people. We had it all to ourselves !
They guys went and picked up pizza and bread sticks. So we had a early dinner.

When we left it was still early - only around 6 and with dinner out of the way.
We decided to go rent some movies, and go by the store and pick up some stuff to make sundaes ! So we went home and got out PJ'S on, made sundaes, and watched movies.

Everyone had a great weekend! It was a very relaxing and very good weekend.

This coming up weekend. Alec,Abby & Megan wil be with us : )
I am pre-ordering movie tickets to ALic in Wonderland for Friday night !
I cnanot wait for all of us to go.
Can it get any better that that ?!

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